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Wash and care

  • Wash & Care Guide

    Wash & Care Guide

    It doesn’t take much to make a difference. For example, you can alter your laundry habits just a little to give results that are better for both the environment and for your clothes. We’ve put together our recommendations for how to optimally care for your clothes and the planet. #hustandclairecares
  • Wash & Wear Test

    Wash & Wear Test

    No Hust & Claire garments are put into production until all samples have been through our Wash & Wear test. Wash & Wear means that all samples are sent to our test families, who wear the clothes and wash them, and wear the clothes and wash them... The families write down and submit their comments about the clothes – how they fit and the quality – and any changes are made to the samples before final production. This means we can avoid making garments with an odd fit, buttons that fall off, colours that fade, fabrics that produce lint, and zips and tags that scratch.
  • Clevercare


    By extending the life of our clothes by just nine months, we can reduce the burden on the environment by 20–30%. Although children often outgrow their clothes before they wear out, it's clearly worth thinking about greener ways to care for the clothes once you get them home.

    1. Don't wash your clothes too often. Remove stains manually and freshen up your clothes by airing them after each use.

    2. Washing at 30° instead of 60° uses half as much energy. Most detergents clean clothes just as well at low temperatures, so reduce the water temperature when you do the laundry.

    3. Hang your clothes to dry instead of tossing them in the tumble dryer. You'll save energy and your clothes will keep their shape for longer.

    4. Only iron clothes when it is absolutely necessary. Hang your clothes to dry as soon as the wash is complete: It minimises creasing, but if the creases are very bad you can place the dried laundry in the bathroom while you shower to allow the steam to smooth out the creases in the clothes.

    5. Only use dry cleaners that offer “green" solutions instead of traditional cleaning methods.