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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Claire Group we have worked with ethical responsibility, long before this term became trendy and renamed to Corporate Social Responsibility. Accountability has always been one of our fundamental values. We act in a globalized world, and we will always respect fundamental human rights. We believe that everyone should have decent wages and working conditions. We will protect the environment and we have eliminated any use of real fur, because we believe that both humans and animals should be treated with respect and dignity.

We fundamentally believe that accountability is more about what you do than what you say. Therefore, we act responsibly and with quality as the focal point, whether it's at home or abroad. Claire Group is built on Danish values such as freedom of expression, democracy and respect for basic human rights. We are one of the Danish pioneers in the field of responsible production and has worked with CSR since 1980 - long before the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was created. For us, CSR is not a fad - it's the foundation we have created our business. Clothes from Claire Group, we like fashion house sell with a clear conscience.

In 2012, Claire took a giant step and was certified with SA 8000 as the first fashionhouse in Scandinavia. SA 8000 is an international ethical standard with requirements for suppliers' working conditions. The certification means, we both in Denmark and at our suppliers must comply with human rights and have decent wage and working conditions.

With our SA8000 Certification we focus on CSR work in all workflows in Ikast. We also hope, that we can meet our customers' expectations for ethically responsible behavior. Last - but not least - we've got a lot of proud employees. In 2015, we were re-certified for a new 3-year period.