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    The fashion industry is the world’s second most polluting industry and is number two when it comes to water consumption. The search for the cheapest products means that millions of people worldwide are working in appalling conditions. Sweeping changes are necessary before the fashion industry can improved, but at Hust & Claire, we believe that everyone can help make a difference.

    Because we care!


    At Hust & Claire, we have a clear position on animal welfare - we believe it is unacceptable for animals to be harmed just to make clothes and we therefore only do business with suppliers who respect animal welfare.

    For this reason, we do not use real fur in our collections because it is nearly impossible to obtain documentation to prove that the animals have been treated well. 

    We do not use down or feathers from birds that have been plucked while alive. Our suppliers only use down and feathers from birds raised for the food industry. 

    We use leather and skins only if they come from animals raised for meat production.

    We never use exotic skins.

    When it comes to wool, which is a big part of our collection, we do not accept that sheep can be sheared without anaesthesia, and our suppliers are also required to buy only mulesing-free wool. We also do not use angora, since we cannot rule out that the animals are plucked while alive.


    Throughout the entire process - from sheep to finished garments - consideration is given to the environment, the animals, and of course, to you. Our merino wool feels amazing to wear and can also be worn with a clear conscience. And it can be.

    Merino wool comes from long-legged Tasmanian sheep, which produce the softest wool. The long fibres that are completely unique to Tasmanian sheep ensure that Hust & Claire merino products do not feel scratchy. And our entire merino collection is knitted on special machines that knit three threads on the underside and two on the outside, which can knit the cotton inside so that it provides your child with softness inside and the wool outside - retaining warmth and giving you the best wool product that lasts year after year.


    At Hust & Claire, we believe that everyone should be treated equally. From our seamstresses in workshops around the world to staff at our headquarters in Denmark. That’s why we spend a long time finding the right production sites, so we are absolutely sure that the employees enjoy decent conditions with decent working hours, canteen conditions etc. For Hust & Claire, good workplace conditions are of the utmost importance. We always pay higher wages than those stated in the national labour laws, and everyone must be treated equally.


    At Hust & Claire, we think that our children also deserve a future, and we care that our clothing is produced using decent methods and with ethical materials. That's why bamboo plays a big role in our collection. Bamboo is super soft and comfortable to wear, and it's incredibly good for the environment.

    Did you know that:
    Bamboo grows 100% naturally without the use of pesticides and pest control

    Bamboo can grow virtually without water and can survive both drought and flooding.

    Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Bamboo is self-propagating, so there is no need to plant new fields.

    Bamboo is good for the soil and is used to improve soil quality on land with poor soil, as it leaves it more fertile.

    Bamboo has a positive effect on CO2 levels, as bamboo absorbs more CO2 per square metre than trees.

    Bamboo is biodegradable.

    Comfort - Did you know that our bamboo viscose products are made from certified bamboo fibre? Bamboo viscose is luxuriously soft. It allows the skin to breathe in both summer and winter, and it is extremely comfortable against the skin.

    Hypoallergenic - Did you know that bamboo viscose is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and can be washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees, but a cold wash at 30 degrees is preferred for environmental reasons.